Combining his passions for both law and health systems, Denton researches government legislation to determine the impact and implications for clients. While working at IU Health, Denton learned of the patient challenges in reimbursement, especially between Medicare and Medicaid. And his prior experience as a legal intern at the Department of Justice gave him a unique look at the interaction of laws and regulations to the possible down-the-road ramifications for clients.

Detailed and a big-picture kind of guy, Denton is great at looking at all the puzzle pieces, then teasing out a probable outlook for clients. Digging into the weeds of legislation and problem-solving issues are his sweet spots. He loves that what you see is what you get with DKP—no false promises or empty shortcuts.

With a love for sports, Denton enjoys coaching youth teams, especially soccer. He’s also an avid baseball fan (go Padres!). Living in an older home, Denton has a reputation as a hands-on DIY-er refinishing floors, cabinets, and his kitchen. He enjoys walking his dog at Fort Harrison, eating Jockamo’s pizza, fishing, hiking, traveling to see family, and spending time with his wife, Katie, and their daughter.