Payer and Provider Notifications That Don’t Miss a Beat

In a market that moves this quickly, timing is everything. That’s why we’ve created a system to make sure pertinent information about your product gets out to the right people at the right time.

The Challenge

Your field staff are pulled in a million directions during launch, leaving little bandwidth to make critical connections with stakeholders.

  • What is the best way to reach key decision-makers?
  • What kinds of messages should you send and how often?
  • How can you find the time to build ongoing relationships with key stakeholders?
  • Who has the time to even execute strategic messaging?

We Can Help You

  • Reach key stakeholders quickly and in the right way
  • Cast a wide and deep net (thanks to our contact list that is 20+ years in the making)
  • Create curated messages that are tailored and digestible
  • Share key updates, including:
    • FDA approval of new products or indications
    • Emergency Use Authorizations
    • HCPCS code assignments
    • Clinical Compendia guideline updates/additions
    • NTAP status
    • New NDC/packaging
    • Pre-approval Information Exchange

What if you could guarantee stakeholders had timely updates about your product?

We provide a neutral and trusted voice, stepping in swiftly to convey important messages to key decision-makers. Let us speak up on your behalf to ensure everyone’s on the same page so uptake and utilization can go smoothly.

Ready to make an impact?

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