With a mind for all things analytical, Chris tackles everything to do with complex data here at DKP. Whether it’s client or internal information, PowerPoint presentations, or special projects, he’s especially gifted at pulling together complicated data and distilling it down into easy-to-understand dashboards and spreadsheets. He’s an absolute Excel guru and is fondly known as “Grid Man” around the office.

Chris possesses a strong eye for detail and likes teaming up with colleagues to come up with the best solution to meet everyone’s needs. Above all else, he’s most passionate about DKP’s mission of getting life-changing treatments into the hands of patients. Seeing his own family member benefit from a DKP client’s clinical trial spurs him on to help get much-needed biopharmaceutical products to market.

A self-admitted homebody, Chris savors quietly noodling over ideas. He also enjoys listening to Malcolm Gladwell audiobooks, reading sci-fi fiction, taking in anything Star Wars, rooting on the Toronto Maple Leafs, and taking walks on the Monon with his wife, Dawn.