Emma entered the healthcare field as a case manager working with patients living with HIV/AIDS in Indianapolis, where she grew to love navigating the ever-changing health system. For her, the end goal is always patient access. Here at DKP, she researches Medicaid policies for changes and new criteria that could affect patient outcomes. She also monitors drug coverage decision-making processes, preferred drug lists, and formal review protocols for Medicaid.

Curious and always on the lookout for new information, Emma is talented at navigating the nuances of the different Medicaid agencies around the country. She compares her job to that of a detective, always digging and putting puzzle pieces together. She’s known for her diligence and not settling until she has full confirmation with multiple sources. 

With a heart for people and animals, Emma volunteers at Flanner House Farm and the Kentucky Dachshund Rescue. She also loves architectural history, especially art deco, and lives in a 1930s home. To relax, you can find her baking, drawing, listening to NPR, and drinking an iced peppermint matcha latte from Hubbard & Cravens. She’s married with one child.