A lover of words and human-to-human marketing, Jen brings over twenty years of strategic communications and copywriting experience to DKP. She gets giddy about crafting messages that resonate at both the head and heart level and aims to create content that unleashes good in the world.

As a former DKP partner, she couldn’t resist joining the team and immersing herself in the award-winning culture. She heads up the Marketing Communications team at DKP and loves supporting the team’s work through words and nerdy marketing ideas. And she is 100% behind DKP’s big-hearted mission to connect patients with treatments that could change the trajectory of their lives.

For fun she enjoys dabbling in oil painting and playing the ukulele (both rather terribly), mentoring others, and playing mom to her three kiddos. On the rare occasion that she stays up past 9pm, you can find her with friends (and likely a Last Word in hand) at 1933 Lounge.