As the leader of the commercial team, nothing makes Jennifer happier at work than matchmaking client pain points with DKP’s tailored services and solutions. Her DKP days consist of meeting with clients, strategizing business development, and formulating new ways to better meet client needs. Jennifer’s not afraid to ask challenging questions and is always on the lookout for ways that clients and DKP can grow and thrive. 

What gets Jennifer out of bed in the morning? Next to racing to get kids on the bus, it’s got to be problem-solving. Analyzing the current modus operandi for ways to streamline, pivot, or improve is truly her sweet spot. Keeping up with biopharma industry news, emerging companies, and new products energizes her work (and exercises the geeky part of her brain).  

With an unabashed affinity for clothes, jewelry, and shoes, Jennifer is known as the office fashionista. She’s also a baker (once even torching crème brûlée in the office). International travel with her husband, Brad, is another top priority. They are currently working their way through the New Seven Wonders of the World (just a few more to go!).