With a mom working in the oncology space, healthcare and patient needs were frequent dinner topics for Michael as a kid. Now at DKP, he is immersed in this space wearing many hats as he oversees IT, facilities, and client project management. Troubleshooting problems, creating workflows, and increasing company efficiencies are all right up his alley. But at the end of the day, Michael is out to provide value to the company in any way that he can, whether that means fixing someone’s computer or delivering on a client promise.

Michael strives to create a seamless experience for colleagues and clients alike. He aims to empower his fellow team members and clients to achieve their goals. Around the office, he’s known as the guy who walks, talks, and thinks one way in particular—FAST!

He’s big into nerdy podcasts, especially This Week in Tech and The Empire Film Podcast. He also plays trombone in a local big band and can often be found behind the lens of his newest camera taking pictures of his family or on DKP-related shoots.