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4 Advisor and Research Must-Haves to Get Results

4 Advisor and Research Must-Haves to Get Results

Launching and sustaining a rare disease drug, oncology treatment or gene-cellular therapy in the market raises a lot of questions for biopharma manufacturers. How will payers cover the drug? Where does the product fit into a healthcare system’s treatment decision tree? What’s really going on in the oncology market as it relates to a specific drug?

With so many questions, solid answers can be hard to come by. That’s where DKP’s primary research fills the gap.

Simply put, primary research is a combo of data and interviews collected from key decision makers, payers, and providers. Digging deep to the core, this kind of research is a boots-on-the-ground approach, gathering valuable insights that could make or break a biopharma manufacturer’s approach to launch and sustainability. And in a post-COVID era where some physician and payer offices may still have restricted access , leveraging these tools is more important now than ever before.

But as a biopharma manufacturer, what makes for good primary research? We pulled together our top four must-haves for intel that go beyond spreadsheets and give powerful, results-focused data.


1. Relationships are everything

Not to be cliche, but the rare disease and oncology space is a small world. Despite this, many competitors mistakenly cast a wide net to gather intel for clients thinking more is better. But the problem is sampling advisors outside your specific scope creates extraneous details and fuzzy results at best. And reaching out to complete strangers is likely to get you incomplete or unhelpful data, if anything at all. At DKP, we take a different approach.

Our team has forged and cultivated relationships for over 20 years with active advisors including top-notch transplant coordinators, pharmacy directors, practice administrators, physicians, VPs of oncology groups, senior medical directors at top health plans and others in drug decision-making roles. Leveraging these trusted connections, we know exactly who to reach out to for crucial and time-sensitive info that produces worthwhile input.


2. Diverse perspectives

Understanding the whole story is critical to crafting strategic plans that work. While our team handpicks advisors based on a specific product, we also sample a wide variety of perspectives within a market. Everyone from in-the-trenches physicians to mid-level managers, medical directors and more gives us an accurate picture of what’s really going on and invaluable peeks behind the scenes. Also, our trusted contacts span the entire country, representing local, regional and national healthcare systems and payers.


3. Tailored research

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to launching and sustaining something as unique as a rare disease, oncology or gene-cellular treatment. Pre-made forms and ambiguous surveys just won’t cut it. Instead, biopharma manufacturers need to lean into customized research designed specifically for their particular product and goals.

Our team sits down with each and every client to create tailored interview guides. We look at what distinct questions need answered, then formulate a precise plan via online surveys, in-depth interviews and/or focus groups to get the right info the right way.

And here’s the secret sauce: since we’ve built trusted relationships and know this industry inside and out, we speak our advisor’s language, turning an interview into a conversation that gives us even more candid and valuable information.


4. Action steps

What good is all that information without a plan to use it? Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens to many biopharma manufacturers loaded down with data but lacking a clear direction moving forward.

The solution? A holistic team of rare disease and oncology market experts who can make sense of the data and tell you what step to take next.

Our Insights and Analytics team goes beyond mere data collection. We not only capture the heartbeat of the market from core advisors, but we also turn this input into insights you can actually use and solid steps for success. Based on what we hear from payers and providers alike, our analysts break down the info into digestible chunks. Then we help clients create actionable next steps to knock out strategic goals.


If you’re a biopharma manufacturer launching or sustaining a rare disease, oncology, or gene-cellular therapy, don’t make the mistake of maneuvering the market blind. At DKP, our team lives and breathes this unique space. We know what questions to ask and who to reach out to for valuable insights. Plus, our team of experts continually keeps an eye on the pulse of the market so we don’t miss a beat. If you need help getting your product to the patients who need it most, we’d love to come alongside you. Reach out to us today.

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