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DKP to be Employee-Owned: What that Means for You and Us

DKP to be Employee-Owned: What that Means for You and Us

Recently CEO Denise announced that DKP is embarking on a new adventure with an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Needless to say, we were all delighted to be offered this incredible honor of becoming part-owners of the company we know and love. This is one adventure we can’t wait to begin!

And what does this big change mean for our clients, partners, and friends? As we make this transition, all can rest assured: we’re still here, stronger than ever, and firmly committed to our founding values.

Here’s what employee ownership says about DKP and how we show up:

We have a CEO who genuinely loves the company and the work we do.

What would DKP be without founder and CEO Denise? She’s built this business from the ground up, starting as a solo act and shaping DKP very strategically and intentionally into the small but mighty company it is today.

As DKP has grown, opportunities to merge with larger firms have presented themselves many times. But for those who know Denise, we understand this business is about more than just the bottom line to her. DKP is about heart and service. We have a passion for our clients, getting the job done right, and ultimately improving patient access to rare disease drugs.

Thankfully, we also have a CEO who has chosen to empower her employees with our big-hearted mission for the long haul. And while Denise is selling off the company to us, she’s not going anywhere. Denise will continue to lead the way and lend her decades of expertise, insights, and inspiration to everything we do. 

We value our employees.

Ask any good business leader, and they’ll tell you a company is only as good as its workers. In other words, employees are the heart and soul of getting the work done. But too often, workers can feel like an insignificant cog in the corporate wheel.

At DKP, we not only value our clients but also every team member for the unique and respected contributions they bring to the table. Our employees mean everything to us, so being employee-owned just makes sense.

We differentiate ourselves from the pack.

Ever been a victim to peer pressure? Yeah, businesses can feel that same kind of pressure when it comes to how to operate, grow, and become successful. But DKP is different. We don’t jump off the bridge or chase the same business strategies just because everyone else is doing it.

Case in point: Many of our smaller industry peers have been gobbled up by larger corporations. No thanks. DKP has deliberately stayed small and locally-owned. Why? Because giving our clients the best in personalized service and expertise is—and always will be—our top priority. Adopting an employee-owned status may not be what the “cool” kids are doing, but that’s just fine by us. The road less traveled is often the better choice.

We cherish our work culture.

Over the last 20+ years, Denise has not only intentionally grown DKP, she’s also established an amazing culture. And we love it—everyone having a voice, dogs napping under our desks, an air of open collaboration, and meaningful work that changes lives (just to name a few incredible things).

Really, the culture here can’t be beat (and it’s a big reason DKP was named one of Indiana’s Best Places to Work for so many years in a row). Our culture is inspiring and fun, but it’s also firm. And employee ownership ensures that our values, vision, and mission will remain intact now and into the future. 

It’s not every day you get to be a part of something bigger than yourself, but that’s what makes working at DKP so special. Although we operate behind the scenes, we know our ultimate goal is to give patients better access to life-saving medications—talk about a special purpose! And now, we’re beyond grateful to be given this amazing ESOP opportunity, giving us even more skin in the game when it comes to changing lives, and showing up with excellence for those we serve.

Here’s to the bright (employee-owned) future of DKP!

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