Enthusiastic about teaching and learning, Halle joins the DKP team as our go-to gal when it comes to client-facing and internal training. With a background in journalism and years of experience in teaching spaces, Halle brings a unique breadth of knowledge and experience to the DKP team.

Halle works to create educational experiences that are meaningful for learners. She understands how to make learning engaging and goes the extra mile to accommodate different audiences and learning styles. She geeks out exploring different educational technology and is always looking for ways to up the training experience.

When Halle is not changing the world one student at a time, you can find her curled up with a book or an episode of Grey’s Anatomy and her dog, Pippy. Her passion projects include volunteering at city clean-ups and filming educational YouTube videos to educate kids around sustainability initiatives and our planet. Born and raised in Atlanta, Halle loves going home to visit friends and family or to visit Tybee Island, Georgia, the place where she and her husband Taylor got married.