James has extensive experience in hospital leadership developing and implementing large-scale drug therapy regimens. As our on-staff pharmacist, he’s responsible for digging deep into clinical research, reimbursement models, fee schedules, and optimizations to make sure our clients have the most up-to-date information. At the end of the day, James cares most deeply about improving patient access to critical treatment options. 

James has a passion for lifelong learning and approaches every day as a blank canvas. He sees his work at DKP as an opportunity to solve crucial problems for clients and ultimately serve sick patients. He’s known around the office for his dependability, sense of humor, and positive mindset.

When he’s out and about, James enjoys serving with Wheeler Mission in downtown Indy and delivering flu vaccines to the underserved and vulnerable. He’s a big sports fan and coaches baseball, too. James and his wife own a local dance studio and love to travel.