With over two decades in the healthcare industry and more than a decade as a certified coder, Tina is an exciting addition to the DKP team. On a typical day at DKP, Tina monitors MACs for changes, updates the team and clients on CAR T and other relevant topics, and researches client-specific info around their products and procedures.  

Tina strives to solve problems related to billing and coding compliance, which means deciding the best way for clients to code and bill drugs and services. She prioritizes her clients by examining comparables to figure out how new products will fit into the market. Her RHIA certification and wealth of knowledge relating to compliance, coding, leadership, revenue cycle, and more make her a hidden gem. 

In her free time, Tina loves to craft and frequents Sugar Mill Lake for weekend camping trips. She’s an avid music listener, loving all kinds of genres! She is married to Mike and has two kids, Jayden and Katie.